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Hospitality Scholarships

Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association Teams Up with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Foundation to Award Scholarships

The Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association (GACCA) and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Foundation (CRDAF) have created a partnership to distribute scholarships for education in the hospitality industry and to promote the value of that education. The scholarships will be available to students attending Richard Stockton University, Atlantic Cape Community College and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Purpose of Program

  • To acknowledge and reward academically successful students who have chosen a field of study related to the hospitality and tourism industry.

  • To grant scholarships to students enrolled at selected colleges based on specific criteria.

  • To acknowledge students who excel in academic life, chose the hospitality industry, and demonstrate a unique ability to reach out to others through personal initiatives.

A volunteer committee of members made up of the Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association and the CRDA Foundation will select the award recipients using a criteria selection form that uses a point system for compliance. Members of the selection committee and their family members will not be eligible for scholarships. Payment of the awards will be sent directly to the attending college for the purpose of tuition and tuition-related expenses.

  • Recipients may apply or reapply for the scholarship according to the criteria outlined in the application.

  • GACCA/CRDAF will collaborate with committee members and the appropriate college representatives to ensure the integrity of the selection process.

  • No applicant will be refused due to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

  • A Criteria Selection Form that awards points will be used to qualify applicants.

  • Upon selection of scholarship recipients, GACCA/CRDAF will prepare appropriate internal and external communication.

  • GACCA and CRDAF reserve the right to discontinue this program.

  • If the terms of the award are violated the recipient(s) will be stripped of the scholarship and the scholarship will be awarded to the next in line recipient. 


Atlantic City provides a great visitor experience; however, the area’s growth over the next several years will require a larger and well-trained workforce,” said Doreen Prinzo, GACCA Committee Chair. “This program will help eligible students gain the knowledge and skills they need to serve the industry with distinction.”

2021 Scholarship Winners

  • Elaina June Gill     Stockton University

  • Arteshia Lewis    Stockton University

  • Caitlin Lee    Stockton University

  • Leslie Santana    Stockton University

  • Kimberly D'Angelo    Fairleigh Dickenson University

2022 Application

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