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Cruise: An Artistic Drive Thru Experience

Print Date 3.26.2021

By Judy Brenna

A question that has been circling repeatedly around the cobwebs of my dilapidated cranium, like hawks after they zone in on their prey, is “what do you do in the art world when there’s a worldwide pandemic?”. Well, as luck would have it, the answer is right here in Atlantic City, and it’s happening RIGHT NOW. And I think I know what you’re thinking: art ((pfffft)) what’s the big deal? Unfortunately, we don’t have 6 hours for me to explain it to you. Art has been important to mankind since… well the very beginning of mankind. Not only does it relieve stress, give you joy, is an outlet to express your feelings or talent, it’s also its own language, an entirely different world you can escape to, learn from, grow from, and expand your mental horizons. I mean, there’s a reason why the paleolithic man drew stick-figure carvings on the walls of his cave hovel. It’s a way to stamp ourselves into existence and shout “Hey! I’m here!”. It also has been proven to help kids develop academically. So, if you have ever poo-poo’d the concept of art, now you know, even if you don’t understand it, it’s super important.

And you know what else is super important? The Noyes Arts Garage. The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University is the cornerstone of the Arts District in Atlantic City with a mission to promote education, provide resources for emerging artists, and enrich the community. The Arts Garage houses artist studios, galleries, shops, a café ((yay!)), a flexible workshop/classroom, and hosts special events throughout the year. Their current exhibit is an A+ in my book. It’s called “Cruise: An Artistic Drive Thru Experience”, and it. Is. Awesome. When I first heard about it, I said, “that amazing! What is it?” Interestingly enough the title is totally self-explanatory. It’s an exhibit that you… well… literally drive through. Cruise blends local art and live-performances to create a dynamic drive-thru show that can be experienced during the day and night. Running right now through April 5th, this is a fantastic way to experience the arts. Travel through an entirely new world with a ton of extremely talented art installations, a drive-by Broadway singer performance, a piano player, playing all the hits, a drive through digital art explosion, created by artists from around the world, a nighttime laser show that puts to shame that laser show you went to you with your burnt out friend when you were 19 and they played The Wall soundtrack by Pink Floyd ((it’s ok, you can admit you went to one once or twice, or ten times…)), and the icing on the cake, my most favorite part, on the rooftop of the garage, billions of bubbles! Who doesn’t love bubbles? This is one of those experiences you kind of want to check off your “totally cool and unique local things to do that you would never actively think of doing before you die” list. Not to be macabre but you get the point. It’s just so unique!

All you have to do is pack your car with your family or friends, or both, some snacks, and roll up to the Wave Garage and have a blast. Almost any vehicle is permitted, passenger cars, trucks, and vans (no buses, limos or RVs though). And as an added cool factor they are offering VIP packages. The first VIP tiered package, the Silver Package, includes private parking space to watch the Broadway singers’ performance up close, and priority access to the garage. The upgraded package, the Gold Package, includes all the bells and whistles from the Silver Package, plus the Broadway singer will sing to you and your loved one, the song of your choice to your car! One of the important things about these packages is that the proceeds go directly to supporting the performer, whose industry have been closed for over a year, due to the pandemic.

Once you arrive at the Cruise Thru event you will be instructed to connect to their wifi system, called “Audio Fetch” and will see all of the music and performance areas. As you approach each performance you will hear the exciting sounds from each area. It’s so unbelievably creative. And not to brag, but it’s something Quarantina appreciates: 100% Covid-19 Safe.

Another exciting thing, they are only charge per car, as opposed to per person. Created for families every day from 2 pm to 7 pm, the daytime show is only $27.50 per car! That’s just under $7 for a car of 4, which is cheaper than going to the movies, and far more sensational. Hey, remember when going to the movies was, like, a thing? God, I miss movie popcorn. Anyway… Their nighttime show is $47.50 per car and runs from 7 pm to 11 pm, and includes the light show. I should also mention this isn’t just an experience, it’s also for a great cause. Their goal is to sell 7,000 donation tickets, and that money will be going to underserved children in Atlantic City, NJ through their nonprofit partners: The Boys and Girls Club, Faces 4 Autism, Gilda's Club, The Hispanic Association of Atlantic County and more. So not only are you experiencing the arts in a totally unique fashion, but you’re also doing good for the community.

You have a week before this unique experience ends, and tickets are only available online, if you show up you will not be allowed to purchase tickets. I genuinely cannot wait to experience this and by doing so giving back to the community. You should too. Go to Cruise The Events today to reserve your spot at as soon as you can to get access to this unforgettable experience. And after all this if you’re still not convinced, here’s a link to one of the nighttime shows:

So, what are you waiting for? Until next week… #stayjerseystrong.

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