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Food Crawl Time!!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Atlantic County Magazine – GACCA Article

Print Date 10.22.2021

By Judy Brenna, Catering & Special Events Director, The Deauville Inn

((cue intro music for the finale to Gypsy,“Everything’s Coming Up Roses”, as Ethel Merman enters stage right an orchestra of drums slowly roll. Ethel slowly and deeply inhales from her iron-sided diaphragm and belts out “I had a dreeeeeaaaaaam”)). I had a dream too, girlfriend, one that has existed for as long as I can recall. It’s as clear to me as the keyboard in front of me right now ((all thanks to my new reading glasses because #thisis40)): a vacation solely consisting of slowly, and with tremendous and calculative intention, eating my way through a city until I drop to the ground from total exhaustion. You’ve been reading my absurdities for some time, so you know me by now. I am a foodie through and through. Which is why there is only one other event in the fall aside from Halloween that gets my all weak-like in the knees: Atlantic City Weekly’s 50 Bites, and it’s happening RIGHT NOW. I meant to talk about this a couple of weeks ago but got completely sidetracked with the excitement of Halloween. My sincerest apologies. But let’s not dwell. Onward and upward! 50 Bites!

It’s such an amazing concept and I’ll explain why. If you have not experienced this great food phenomenon, Atlantic City weekly forms an Olympic team of food critics to assess and determine the top 50+ restaurants of the region to be included in their list of “Best Bites”. These are essentially the 50+ bucket-list places to try their delicious bites before you die. Show of hands: who has a food bucket list like me? ((the entire audience awkwardly shifts in their seats as their eyes dart around… hands slowly raise to the sky)). Try you must, my good friends. Each selected venue offers one delicious bite. AC Weekly has created a handy dandy little chart listing every venue participating, all on a little lanyard. It’s essentially a food necklace. The public then purchases said lanyard and steadily eats their way through Atlantic and Cape May counties, within a span of 50 days, all for the minimal cost of $25. And no, your eyes dost not deceive you. You read that right. The cost is half priced this year. And the best part? After you’ve blown through every venue and checked off every place on your lanyard you can just purchase a new one and go for round two ((a boxing bell dings as Rocky Balboa slowly rises from his stool tying a lobster bib around his neck)). And if you’re just learning about this right now, don’t worry. Yes, it started October 7th, but the event lasts through November 25th so there’s still a ton of time!

Another great facet of this event, proceeds will go to support the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The CFNJ is an extremely noble nonprofit organization in the state who fights hunger and poverty in by assisting those in need and seeking long-term solutions. They engage, educate, and empower all sectors of society in the battle. Working together with volunteers, donors and their many partners, they work to fill the emptiness caused by hunger with Food, Help and Hope. Over 50 million citizens in this country suffer from food-insecurity. 1.2 million of those live right here in this state, and nearly 400,000 of them are children. It’s heart-breaking. The good news is this problem is solvable, and it starts with us doing our individual part. This food crawl that AC Weekly has put together is a fantastic way to help.

Every palate is satiated in the 50 Bites event. An unbelievable amount of variety, from sweet to savory, you can have your pick. Some notable venues taking part include my old stomping ground, Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar, with their savory and flaky chicken empanada ((I still shave vivid dreams about the food there)), a slice of pizza at Carlucci’s in Bally’s, a Korean beef potato skin at Back Bay Ale House, a fully loaded croquette at Rhythm & Spirits, an entire cheesesteak at Tony Luke’s, a shrimp banh-mi slider at Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall, an oyster Rockefeller at Doughery’s Steakhouse at Resorts, and a Cajun shrimp at Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar in Somers Point; just to name a few. Lest we forget my current home base ((#shamelessplug)), Deauville Inn’s Shrimp Ceviche, which is to die for, in Strathmere. And you’re not just limited to savory lunchy/dinner bites. Enjoy a short stack of pancakes at The Cracked Egg in Galloway, a chocolate tasting at Bar 32 Chocolate and Cocktail, baklava at both Caffe Tazzas in Caesar’s and Harrah’s, a mini ice cream sandwich cookie at Anna Lee’s Cookie & Cream in Mays Landing, your choice of 5 different flavors of salt water taffy at Candyland in Ocean City, and cronut French toast at CJ’s Corner Grill in Somers Point. By the way your mouth should most definitely be watering by now. If it’s not I highly recommend speaking to a doctor.

Here’s what I suggest. Go online to, purchase a couple lanyards, then sit down with your significant other, or closest friend, and map out a food crawl course. When I did this a couple years ago my friend and I knocked out 9 places in one day. We could have plowed through 20 easily but it was getting late, and I’m really not supposed to eat after midnight.

Don’t wait another minute. Go online and purchase your ticket today! Until next week, folks… #stayjerseystrong!

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