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GACCA Events Recap!

Atlantic County Magazine – GACCA Article

Print Date 7.15.2022

By Judy Brenna

Catering and Special Events Director, The Deauville Inn

You’ve read, from time to time, me referring to our members of our organization as little foot soldiers for the Hospitality Industry ((#truth)). It is. Truth that is. With that said, I feel I must address an elephant in the room ((as our eyes slowly move over to the corner and an elephant looks up from eating peanuts and clears its throat)). This organization is not about going to venues every month and eating for free. We have a very specific purpose. I’ll get to that in a sec. I recall a former employer stating just that, and I distinctly recall having to make a case and explain it’s about the members experiencing everything you offer, or at the very least get a taste, so they can then better represent your venue to their guests. To put it plainly, ladies and gents, the hospitality industry desperately needs concierges to further promote your brand. So, if you, the proprietor of a venue, reading this right now, ever question the necessity to host our group ((slight finger wag)), it’s in your best interest.

With this said, The GACCA Members were hard at work these last few weeks getting a tasting of some super awesome local purveyors. Again, I cannot reiterate enough, experiencing what venues have to offer so we can better recommend. First stop was North Beach Mini Golf, located at 120 Euclid Avenue in Atlantic City, just a stone’s throw from the water. Here is the value of North Beach Mini Golf: They are a new miniature golf course and bike rental business in Atlantic City's Inlet Neighborhood on the Boardwalk. They have built a multi-level 18-hole miniature golf course that contains various props that pays homage to the uniqueness of Atlantic City. Their deck contains unobstructed views of the Atlantic City skyline and the Absecon Inlet. They also have bicycles and a Surrey bike available for rent and concessions including ice cream. And who doesn’t love ice cream? ((as every person allergic to dairy slowly raise their hands)). And in case you’re wondering, a surrey bike is a super cool contraption that gives a hat tip to a past gone Atlantic City era ((honk honk aooogah)). I digress. Best part our North Beach Mini Golf? They will shut down their entire course for a private event! Check them out at

The next stop on our Experience Train was visiting the Basin to hop on the Atlantic City Tiki Boat, which incidentally is THE only one of its kind in the great garden state of New Jersey. Dubbed The Big Kahuna, it was custom built for partying through the back bays of Atlantic City and Brigantine Beach. Individual tickets are $45 per person with a cash bar available, along with Beverages & Snacks, Outside Seating, a Bathroom Onboard ((of course I got excited because I have the bladder the size of a walnut)) , Professionally Installed Sound and Lighting System, and obvi, Lifetime Memories. Needless to say, the GACCA had a blast, unwinding midweek, after the grueling grind of work, which was an instant de-stressor! This experience is perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, or even just for a bunch of friends looking for something unique! Check them out at

((ding ding, honk honk)) Next stop on the train dropped us off at the Sand Lot at Show Boat Atlantic City, to enjoy the tantalizing thrills of Cirque Risque! Yes, I’ve talked about this experience before, yes, I know I go on a smidge too much about this from time to time, but it’s genuinely hard not to! This show is amazing! Here is their value: The infamous Cirque Risque is a sizzling hot exhibit of raw sensuality and unparalleled multi-talented artistry drawing audiences from around the world. I will spare you all the gushy details, because if you read this you already know we're HUGE fans. And if you didn’t get to check out this show last year, then you need to jump on this train RIGHT NOW. Check them out at

And the last stop, but certainly not the final stop for us ever, was to Gardner’s Basin, for our Annual Sunset Cruise! A tradition our organization have upheld for years, about 23 to be exact, and each and every time we are wowed. Here’s their value: if you ever imagine yourself having a truly wonderful time, then AC Cruises will deliver. Here’s what they offer: pretty much everything. The end. ((record scratch)). I will break it down. They offer dolphin tours, Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphins to be exact. They offer a comprehensive bar, stocked with all your favorite spirits. Not sure what you like? Not a problem, they have a killer signature cocktail menu. They also offer private events and charter cruises. Cruisn 1 is inspected and certified to carry up to 130 passengers. The enclosed portion of the main deck has a bar and galley, wide panoramic windows, wall-to-wall carpeting, upholstered seating, and is encircled by a full walk-around deck with ample external seating. The upper deck can be fully enclosed with perimeter seating offering great vistas and a large, airy environment, ideal for dining, dancing, entertaining or holding meetings. The enclosed upper deck and lower decks are heated to accommodate cruises year-round. Cruisn 1 also has a 20 KW generator which provides ample electrical power for your catering and entertainment needs. Aside from Cruisin’1 this company also offers parasailing, with a custom parasail boat built solely for the purpose of providing you with the safest most enjoyable experience, and their vessel can hold up to ((bachelor/ette party alert)) 12 passengers. Treat yourself to an experience on any one of their vessels and go to

And not to brag but... ((shameless work plug)) Join us every Thursday night this month, at The Deauville Inn, for Movie Night on the Beach! Every week we're featuring a nostalgic 80's film, like this week we featured ((Heyyyyy yooooou guyyyys!)) The Goonies! Popcorn is free to all who attend, candy, snacks, and drinks available for purchase. Bring your beach chair and watch an awesome movie with your family and friends under the stars! And coming in August, Apres Beach! Every Sunday through Labor Day, from 3 pm to 6 pm join us for an elevated experience on the sand enjoying the best summery cocktails, hosted by Aperol! And lest we forget the unforgettable sunsets are free ((insert winky emoji)).

Stay strapped in, kids, and stay comfy, we have so much more to report soon. Until next week, folks… #stayjerseystrong!

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