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Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association’s Spotlight: Without a Cue Productions

By Judy Brenna, GACCA Communications Director

Catering & Events Director, Blue Dog Hospitality Group

Name of venue: 

Without A Cue Productions 

Home Theater - The Red Rūm Theater

Where are you located?

Without A Cue Productions perform shows all over the PA, New Jersey, Delaware, and

even upstate New York areas, their homebase theater is in the heart of old city,

Philadelphia, called The Red Rūm Theater. We currently produce A Dundie Demise, at

the Starlight Ballroom at Resorts!

Parking directions/tips:

Parking is available at Resorts Parking Deck

Tell us a little about yourself?

Without A Cue produces interactive entertainment that combines theatrical elements,

technology, and comedy to create unforgettable events.

What does your Company specialize in?  

Step into a world of unparalleled entertainment with Without a Cue Productions! Our

interactive and innovative murder mysteries break the mold, inviting you to be more

than just an observer – become a detective, witness, or even a suspect! Experience the

thrill of mystery, the joy of comedy, and the excitement of active participation. At Without

a Cue Productions, we redefine traditional theater, offering you a dynamic and

unforgettable journey where the boundaries between audience and performer

disappear. Elevate your entertainment experience – join us for a show that goes beyond

the ordinary and guarantees a night of excitement, laughter, and engagement!

Where do you host your productions?

Without A Cue Productions perform shows all over the PA, New Jersey, Delaware, and

even upstate New York areas!

Tell us about your next upcoming production:

A Dundie Demise: Things are about to go down at the annual Dundie Awards, and we need YOU to help solve the crime! There will be several opportunities to take selfies with the characters (and a fun race to see who can get them all first), hidden clues, and even an opportunity to get your mug shot. Once the performance begins, you will become part of the action as you play detective and try to solve the mystery. Listen closely, gather the clues, and try to deduce who the killer is and win the prize!

What is your production schedule?

Friday and Saturdays with shows at 5pm and 8pm

Sundays at 3pm

What can you tell us about the show's Director?

Meet Executive Director, Traci Connaughton! Traci Connaughton, founder of Without A

Cue Productions and the Red Rūm Theater, started her career in the arts as an actor

and singer.  Over the years, she branched out into directing and scriptwriting as she

continued to foster the growth of her company.  Traci received her MSA in Arts

Administration from Drexel University in 2004 and has also worked in the development

field for a number of Philadelphia area organizations.  Traci also served on the board of

Beacon Theater in Philadelphia.  Traci is also the proud mother of two lovely daughters,

Tatyana and Genevieve.

Tell us why people should see your show.

Our products are total immersive and interactive experiences!

What new projects do you have lined up down the road?

Slay and the City - Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, coming June 2024 to Resorts!

Swifties Bingo - The Red Rūm Theater, coming June 2024

Please share any important additional information locals and visitors should know about your production:

Performances are always very interactive! Come ready to solve the mystery, take selfies

with the cast, enjoy cocktails and more!

Please include links to social media and web site, phone number, email, any other

contact info:


Phone: 267-994-1056

Email: //

Social: @withoutacue // @redrumphilly

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