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Halloween 2021!!!

Atlantic County Magazine – GACCA Article

Print Date 10.15.2021

By Judy Brenna

((clutching tub of popcorn and panda-printed fleece blanket… the radio crackles as a deep baritone starts a dissonant monologue))…Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighborhood …

Ahhh Vincent Price. How I miss thee. Whenever I hear his voice I get all goose-pimply and eerily excited. Needless to say, I am an avid all-things-Halloween-junkie. I can’t get enough of it. It’s the one time of year I spend the entire month of October watching nothing but horror flicks. It’s also the one time of year where it’s socially acceptable to let my freak flag fly and roll up to Shoprite on a Sunday morning dressed as a storm trooper, and not be 100% judged ((... I think)). It’s also that time where I get a year’s worth of calories consumed within a span of 2 weeks and then swear off candy for the rest of the year. Show of Hands: Who here has had to buy their Halloween candy twice because the first time you made your purchase it was a month too early, and you ended up eating it all before the big day, so you had to make a mad dash to BJ’s the night before Halloween for a quick restock? ((awkward silence… a lone cricket chirps in the distance)).

So… Halloween… ((shyly shuffling feet)) The history nerd in me would love to dedicate this entire article to the origins of the holiday, but I will refrain. Nor will I share the fact that modern Halloween traditions and folklore first came to America in the 19th century with the influx of Irish immigrants. The practice of carving and decorating jack-o-lanterns is an Irish custom that honored the souls stuck in purgatory. Nay, rather, I would like to focus on the list of all the fun and exciting Halloween happenings in our area. And man, there are a ton to choose from. I’ll list a few for you to get started.

First option, we have the Halloween Truffles Pastry Class, held on October 23rd, at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Learn how to make fun and creepy themed chocolate truffles in this hands-on class with renowned pastry chef, Chef Thaddeus DuBois. Chef DuBois was born in Los Angeles, raised in Idaho, and worked in Missoula, Montana at the Montana Pie Company from 1986 to 1992 as a bakery supervisor. In 1989, he received his degree in music with honors, but it was at the pie company when he decided to make pastry his career. He has been creating magnificent pastry art ever since. And Hard Rock is lucky to have him! This class is a unique opportunity to learn from the artist himself and have fun in the process. And may I be so bold to add, this class is a fantastic date option, or even a bachelorette or birthday party activity. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Call Hard Rock for ticket information (609) 449-1000.

Later that night, stop by my all-time favorite, Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall, ((shoutout to rockstar Jamie Hoagland!)) for their 3rd annual Halloween Costume Party Bash, featuring Quasimodo’s Bride! Wash down your Pennsylvania Ave Soft Pretzel with a pint of ice cold Allagash Haunted House Ale and get your groove on with this year’s 60s themed party, and while costumes aren’t mandatory, they are absolutely encouraged, offering first, second, and third place prizes for top three costumes. It starts at 9 pm and rolls through to midnight. And if you’re a fan of TennAve like I am, stop by for their Halloween Blowout Bash on October 30th, featuring live music from No Mersey! No Mersey is a fantastic classic rock band that specializes in playing covers from The Beatles and other rock bands from the 60s up to the present. Costume contests with grand prizes will be happening, and, if I do say so myself, you are guaranteed an awesome time. So, dig out those white pleather go-go boots and poly-blend mod skirt and check out their website for more information:

Bourré is just a hop, skip and jump away on S. New York Avenue, and they are throwing an epic Halloween Costume Party on Fri. Oct. 29th 9:00 pm - 2:00 am, with Live DJs, featuring Mini Sants, MC Slammer, and PMC. They’ll also be holding a costume contest for the top 3 costumes. Fill up on their huge selection of Cajun BBQ and delicious craft cocktails and dance the night away. Call for more details: (609) 246-6670.

Looking for some classic Hallows Eve entertainment? Check out Atlantic City Ballet Company’s production of Dracula, at Circus Maximus at Caesar’s Atlantic City! Founded in 1982, by international Prima Ballerina, Phyllis Papa, the AC Ballet serves as a prime artistic resource to the residents of Atlantic City and the surrounding areas. Ms. Papa is very well known for the Dracula production. Based on Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic gothic horror story, Papa’s Dracula mixes romance and passion, with my personal favorite, horror and pain ((making mental note to reschedule therapy appointment)). This gripping rendition has become one of the biggest hits of AC Ballet’s 38-year history. If you’re a fan of dance art, this is not a production you’d want to miss. Tickets are available online at

If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween experience, check out the “monstrous” ((see what I did there?)) event at Showboat AC this year, SINAC. Hosted by @officialjt, and powered by DJ Caution, the biggest Halloween Costume Dance Party on the East Coast, is at Showboat, on October 30th from 10 pm to 3 am, with cash prizes for best costume! You have the potential of winning $1000!! Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite. Use promo code “Halloween21”. What are you waiting for?

And if you don’t mind the extra 15-minute drive, come on down to ((here she goes again… #shamelessplug)) The Deauville Inn on October 30th for an out of sight 70’s themed Halloween Party. And don’t forget to come by for our Beirgarten on the Beach Bash on October 21st. Go plan your Halloween fun! Until next week, folks… #stayjerseystrong!

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