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Happy Valentine's Day!

Atlantic County Magazine – GACCA Article

Print Date 2.12.2021

By Judy Brenna

We’ll start this right off the bat with, yes, I am aware of the fact that plenty of people loathe February 14th (my fiancé included), among them single, divorced, the depressed folk who suffer from what’s been termed “the Valentine’s Day Blues”, and then the practical minds (hi, Mike) who think the holiday is solely dedicated to grand-scale capitalistic marketing conspiracies. We won’t get into the whole humungous story of how Cupid, hilariously a chunky, naked baby with wings, an offspring of the Roman god Venus, was incorporated into early Christianity to ease the transition of conversion for Pagan worshipers. And sure, there are references linking Valentine’s Day to courtship in the Middle Ages, but it wasn’t until the late 18th century that the British began sending paper Valentine cards to one another. Americans adopted the custom and, (in true, over-the-top American fashion) ran with it, turning February 14th into a mass-marketer’s dream day of chocolate, cards, flowers, and… what am I forgetting… oh, right, love. So blame the brits. It is also a fun US statistic that 53% of American women will dump their current partners if they receive nothing on Valentine’s Day. ((chuckling at the insanity))

Whether you believe in the holiday or not, chances are you partner does. And sure, there’s a common saying “why celebrate one day when you should celebrate your love every day”. I personally think that’s a cop-out. Celebrate the day. It’s an excuse to go out. For argument’s sake, yes you should celebrate every day, but you should also celebrate on THIS day. And it doesn’t mean you have to have a partner per say. If you and your best friend are single, you should go out together. There is no specific rule to Valentine’s Day. It’s a celebration of love, all love. They never said what KIND of love. Case in point, the valentine day card you always got from your Mom. Granted the word “cupid” comes from Latin for “cupido” which translates to desire, but now I’m rambling and disproving my own point. Bottom line - get out there and celebrate love. There’s no excuse.

With that in mind, naturally, there are a slew of great specials this weekend. The first one that caught my eye was The Claridge Hotel. Their Valentine’s package includes deluxe room accommodations for two, dinner for two with a $100 dining credit at the historic Twenties Italian Bistro or with Room Service, gratuity included, a $40 breakfast credit the next day, and their coup de grace, a special Valentine’s amenity of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne delivered to your room It’s a pretty great deal, check it out at

Morton’s Steakhouse (hi Linda!!) is a great option. Located in Caesar’s Hotel and Casino, they are offering a fantastic dinner for two special, for $169 you and your sweetheart (or whomever!), will enjoy choice of salad or soup, a delectable surf and turf of center-cut filet mignon and lobster tail, choice of signature side to share, and choice of dessert. My fiancé ((still weird to say)) and I did Morton’s last year for Valentine’s Day and I use the term “did” because we were so full from stuffing our face holes with so much delicious food that we went back to our hotel room and passed out. And that concluded our Valentine’s Day festivities. Check them out at

This is not to say you should solely go by what venues are offering specials. There are so many places to choose from. My idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is obviously gorging on delicious food. And actually, if I’m being completely transparent, any day is an excuse to gorge on delicious food. So why not try some of your favorite spots? Kelsey’s for one, as I have mentioned a couple times in the past, if such a great place. Fantastic, gourmet southern and soul food, great entertainment, and top-notch service. You can’t lose. Additionally, Chart House, with a 3-course prix fixe dinner for 2 for $140, and I have on great authority that their happy hour is banging ((and yes, Sherri, I really do intend on going with you one of these days, I promise!)). Something noteworthy, they give you the option to order the dinner for two to take home!

And lastly, a place that isn’t just for “endless summer”, folks. Enjoy a night right on the water with your special someone at Deauville Inn. With a wide variety of seafood dishes and gourmet comfort food, a meal and some hand-crafted cocktails at Deauville will ensure an unforgettable night. Go to to make your reservation.

So, to recap, whether you believe in Valentine’s Day or not, you still deserve a night out with someone, to enjoy a good meal, great conversation, music, and fingers crossed you don’t fizzle out early and slip into a diabetic coma. It can be any day, yes, but you might as well make it this weekend. Otherwise, there is a 53% chance whomever you’re with will break up with you. So, my advice, save yourself the heartache and the headache from how long it will take getting your favorite sweatshirt back, make a reservation, break out your fancy mask ((yes, this is the world we live in now)), and go show your partner a good time. Just remember, outside the confines of your plush blanket and flatscreen TV, there is still a pandemic going on out there, so expect wait times and limited capacity. Most importantly stay safe and have fun! Until next week… #stayjerseystrong

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