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Well Worth The Trip!

Print Date 6.11.2021

By Judy Brenna

Just a refresher for everyone, our organization, The Greater Atlantic City Concierge Association, is a group of hospitality professionals ((I’d like to call us foot soldiers in the battle of promoting tourism, but some people may think that’s kooky, but hey, it’s me.)) who dedicate their time to recommending venues in this area to guests in Atlantic County. Now, with the rebirth of life as we know it, with more and more vaccinations and the dissolution of the mask mandate, we, at the GACCA, have been hard at work, visiting establishments like fiends to learn all we can, so we can then in turn get the word out, and hopefully help boost this economy. And most places need little marketing pushes right now, all thanks to Covid ((shaking fist to the heavens)). The last few weeks have been quite an adventure for us. And this is just the beginning! Every venue we visited was, and even in all my feeble attempts at eloquence I’m not quite sure what other word to use but “awesome”... so yeah, “awesome” is kinda perfect.

Our first stop was in Egg Harbor Township, two weeks ago, for a joint venture, at Tuckahoe Brewing Company, on English Creek Road, with food provided by Eat At Joes, located on West New Jersey Avenue in EHT. Where shall I begin? I know I’ve mentioned in the past that I sometimes weep when things are just so darn delicious. Well… this trip made me weep. First of all, my attention was instantly grabbed when I heard the words, “beer garden”. In my head I got a magical image of a lush garden with cans of delicious varieties of beer growing off vines, with kegs of even more delicious beer hanging from topiaries. Now, granted, Tuckhoe has not defied the laws of botany… yet… but they DO have a beer garden, and it’s fabulous. Not to mention, they also have a great tasting room. They serve up a huge variety of signature beers that have put them on the map, all equally delicious in my humble opinion, especially their New Old School, which is a traditional West coast IPA, and their Anglesea Red Ale, a malt-forward red ale with notes of toffee and caramel (how on earth can you resist a beverage that is “forward” in anything?). They also offer unique and well-thought-out seasonal items like New Brighton Coffee House Stout (yes, I’m a stout girl), and their Marshallville Wit, and no, not just because the logo is a mermaid spearing an orange slice. See? All varieties of beer and all equally delicious.

And what better to pair beer with than pizza? The GACCA had the opportunity to sample all these delicious beers whilst gorging on gourmet pizzas, provided by Eat At Joe’s! Chef Dany served up the best of what they offer, and everyone was wowed. But Eat At Joe’s isn’t just pizza. They serve up well-crafted Italian specialties with modern bistro flair, in a relaxing atmosphere with truly outstanding service. Enjoy weekly specials like their Seafood Broil, with scallops, clams, mussels, shrimp, and flounder, Gorgonzola Encrusted Filet Mignon, stuffed flounder, classic Braciole, and Grilled Cajun Tuna over Roasted Fennel. And I haven’t even gone into their regular menu. My stomach is grumbling just talking about it. It’s well worth the trip. Plan your visit, call them at (609) 484-8877 and mangia bene!

Next stop on our GACCA tour was over to the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk last week, at Ocean’s HQ2 Beachclub. HQ2 has the largest outdoor pool party on the east coast. The parties have been epic since the day they opened it, and the staff there is as friendly as it gets. Now that the ban has been lifted, at HQ2 you will find the world’s top DJ’s appearing weekly for the best dance parties in the city. We were so fortunate to get a taste of what HQ2 Beachclub has to offer. I for one, was unsure of what the turn out would be, given the entire weekend was a cold, soggy mess, but thankfully the weather changed, and we were able to get out there and celebrate. And what better way to bring in the Memorial Day holiday than with VIP seating with bottle service, poolside, with bottle servers donned in their red, white, and blues? The temperature was warmer, the sun was shining, and the general temperament in the atmosphere was joyous. Imagine sitting in a VIP booth right next to the pool, people laughing, having an amazing time, with great tunes provided by a DJ, with the sweet and salty scent of the ocean in the air. So, in other words, it was awesome. And things are only just getting started. HQ2 has a great line up for the summer. You do not want to miss at least one trip to this place. Go online and make your reservations at

And there’s zero time to rest! Your little GACCA hospitality foot soldiers are on the move this week, to The Longport Historical Museum and a trip over to The Orange Loop. After the next couple of months, you will literally have zero cause to say “I never know where to go”.

Stay tuned for next week’s report on Cuzzie’s, Rhythm and Spirits, Bar 32, and The Longport Historical Museum! And ((totally random Mom personal health alert)) make sure you’re drinking enough water. It’s been scorchers these last few days and it’s imperative to stay hydrated. Ok, that’s all. Until next week, folks… #stayjerseystrong!

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